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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2012 Bank Bukopin

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2012 Bank Bukopin - Lowongan Kerja Bank Bukopin - Bukopin which since its establishment on July 10, 1970 focusing on UMKMK segment, has now grown and evolved into a group of banks that enter the secondary banks in Indonesia in terms of assets.

Lowongan Kerja Bank Bukopin Along with the opening of opportunities and increased capability to serve the needs of the wider community our bank has developed its business into commercial and consumer segments.
Lowongan Kerja Bank Bukopin
All three segments are the pillars Bukopin business, with services in conventional and Islamic, which is supported by a system of optimal fund management, reliability of information technology, human resource competencies and practices of good corporate governance. This foundation allows Bukopin stepped forward and placed a credible bank. Operational Bukopin now supported by more than 280 offices in 22 provinces throughout Indonesia are connected in real time on-line. Bukopin also has built a network of micro-banking-named "Swamitra", now numbering 543 outlets, as a form of cooperative programs and partnerships with micro finance institutions.

With a more solid capital structure as a result of the implementation of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in July 2006, our bank continues to develop its operational program priorities by implementing appropriate short-term strategy that has been prepared carefully. Implementation of the strategy is aimed at ensuring compliance with comprehensive banking services to customers through a network connected nationally and internationally, a diverse product and service quality to a high standard.

Overall activities and programs implemented in the end led to the creation of the target image Bukopin as a trusted banking institution with a solid financial structure, healthy and efficient. The success of building trust will be able to make Bukopin still grow in a sustainable manner to give the best results.

Lowongan Kerja Bank Bukopin

Due to rapid expansion and growth, PT Bank Bukopin, Tbk as the one of established national bank is currently looking for qualified and dedicated candidate who seek a challenging career to join our company, for the following positions :

Staff Kebijakan SDM
S1 from all majors
1 year
Supporting Officer Produk Mikro
D3 from all majors

Staff Monitoring Risiko Mikro
S1 Managemen / Banking
2 years
Staff Operasional Area
S1 from all majors
1 year
Account Officer Produk Mikro
S1 Accounting / Finance / Management
2 years
Staff Kebijakan Risiko Mikro
S1 Accounting / Management
2 years
Staff SDM Mikro
S1 Psychology / Management
3 years
Staff Outlet Mikro
S1 Management
2 yeras
Staff E-Channel Mikro
S1 all Majors
2 years
Staff Manajemen Kinerja Mikro
S1 all majors
4 years
Staff Teknologi Informasi Mikro
S1 System Informatic
1 year
Staff Sistem Informasi Manajemen Mikro
S1 Management Informatic
3 years
Staff Desain Produk Dan Operasional Mikro
S1 all majors
3 years
Manager Pengkajian Resiko
S1 All Majors
4 years
MDP Supporting / Operasional
S1 in FISIP, Business Adm, Accountingi, Management, Economic, Banking and Finance

Service Assistant
D3 all majors
1 year

For further detail information about jobs requirements, responsibilities and to apply online in each positions, please refer official source from Jobstreet on following link below. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Official info

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